Weekly Porsche Wrap

Porsche 911 hoods become art “canvas” – This is a pretty cool thing. 5 legendary NYC street artists are creating works of art on Porsche 911 hoods. Here’s the 5 artists:

  • BLADE: The godfather of the scene, often called the “King of Graf”;
  • JonOne: Whose work has evolved from ’70s train tagging to abstract painting;
  • Sharp: Whose style is inspired by comic strips and ancient scripts;
  • Crash: An NYC graf pioneer who now has works in the Museum of Modern Art; and
  • Daze: Whose work today is a continuation, on canvas, of the graffiti movement.

All 5 art pieces will be sold for the benefit of CITYarts, a charity dedicated to engaging city children in constructive public art projects. [Via PRNewswire.com]

Upgrade your Panamera sound system – Come on, you know you need it, and German audio company Burmester can scratch the itch. They’ve teamed up with Porsche to create one of the ultimate high-end sound systems for the new 2010 Panamera. Each speaker in the system has its own separate amplifier ranging from 25 watts for a tweeter to 300 watts for the sub. They have also included an air-motion tweeter in the dash. Cost for the BASIC system? A mere $7,000. Ha! Chump change for all you new Panamera owners. [Via CarBuyersNotebook.com]

Tesla looking to rival Porsche 911 Turbo – It’s reported that the next generation Tesla Roadster has it’s sites set on Porsche…specifically the 911 Turbo. It’s looking to better the performance while providing more space than the 911. Tesla is calling their Turbo killer a “roomier Porsche.” A release in 2012 or 2013 is anticipated if all goes well. [Via AutoSpies.com]

Porsche test drive track event – Now this is what marketing Porsche should be all about. 240 potential Porsche buyers gathered at an Ohio raceway to test 4 different Porsche models. “Stoked on doughnuts, coffee and racing tips from professional drivers, the guys couldn’t wait to get inside the latest versions of low-slung 911s, Boxsters and Caymans.” I heard about a similar event in Canada that was even more extensive. Great move on the Porsche dealer’s part. [Via ColumbusDispatch.com]

Porsche looking to German government for loan – Raising all sorts of questions and speculation, Porsche recently reported it had asked the German government for a 1.75 billion euro loan. Porsche has racked up about 9 billion euros in debt attempting to take over VW. So far, Porsche’s request is the biggest the German government has ever been asked for. [Via Reuters.com]


  1. Man, they didn’t waste any time getting that system for the Panamera out did they?

  2. can’t wait to see the tesla when it comes out

  3. That Tesla roadster looks pretty impressive. I have read about it in a couple other places and if it performs as well as they say, I think it will be a popular car for those that can afford it.

  4. Still surprised to hear about Porsche needing loans from the German government. I just hope they stay afloat and don’t end like the U.S. car companies, where the government now runs the show.

  5. I’m betting Porsche gets the loan, but there will be draconian strings attached

  6. That dealer sponsored test drive is nice! I think i`ll email the article to my dealer here in town in hopes of inspiring them 🙂

  7. A $7k system for your Porsche. I love music and i am picky about sound quality and dont think i have ever spent 7k over the span of my life for all my home setups lol .

  8. Man, that test drive event would be so sick! I’ll bet the testosterone was flowing like a river out there that day.

  9. The Porsche track test is a great idea for those who are serious about buying a Porsche from that dealer. They should do that here in Portland out at PIR, that is a great sales tool.

  10. mitchell says

    when i first read it i thought the artwork was ON actual cars.. if its just on separate hoods, then its cool. i dont think it would look
    good on a porsche driving down the road.

  11. The test track event for potential buyers does sound like it would be an amazing experience.
    The performance of electric vehicles is certainly getting impressive. It’s pretty cool they’re in Porsche territory now. But there is something to be said for the sound of a motor powering you. Doing 0-60 in 3.5seconds just wouldn’t be the same without the scream of gas-fired pistons.

  12. Yes, Mitchell I agree it is best to save that artwork for the galleries, not the streets.

  13. first i’ve heard of porsche bail out.going to be fewer car brands in the next few years,sure porsche will make it.

  14. it’s not a Porsche bailout, they’re seeking help in their takeover of VW. They have enough stock options to do it, but not enough cash to cover the options…it’s way more complicated than that, but this is why they want money from the government.

  15. If Porsche wants or needs the money for the takeover, they should get it, Porsche is the bomb.

  16. tesla sure is aiming high.

  17. i stand corrected.