Silly Porsche Enthusiast – Boxsters are for Chix

Mitchell, one of our readers, sent me this email along with the title I used for the post (took me a few times reading it before I realized the spoof).

I’ve posted on here before about how I’m not a big fan of the Boxster – not that its a bad car or horrible model, it’s just not the style for me. Well the other day my opinion came to a visual fruition of sorts- all within a matter of a couple minutes.

I was out for a run along a semi-major road when no less than 3 Boxsters drove by – and all three were being driven by women. I thought to myself – yeah, that makes sense. It’s like the Miata of luxury cars (not that there’s anything wrong with that…lol). I just thought it was interesting.

It’s funny, because I seem to have the same conversation with people over and over, yet I’m still undecided. I remarked to a gas station attendant the other day that a Boxster is STILL a Porsche. And if it’s the model you love, or all you can afford, why not?! Still beats the heck out of driving a Honda Accord to work.

Boxster owners (both male and female), feel free to blast away at this post.


  1. As a male boxster owner, I disapprove.

    • @Joe, I don’t blame you. I knew there’d be a bit of a stir up. I still am tempted by all of the inexpensive Boxsters and several that are really nicely equipped. A lot of people love em. And it’s a Porsche. Period.

  2. i agree…my friend’s uncle has a boxter and its actually quite nice though i think its a boxter S in which case I’m ok with that

  3. as a chick,i can say not just a chick car.and i think it’s boxster.

  4. Exactly. I know it’s a very small sample size, but the five or six Boxster owners I know are….all men.

    I’d also be willing to be that the vast majority of Boxster owners are men. Aren’t 80 percent of Boxsters manual transmission? Most chicks don’t drive manual transmission. I realize some do, but most don’t or don’t know how. It’s not a stereotype, it’s called statistics.

    Finally, most Boxster owners love the 911 but opted for Boxster because of the price. The price of a newer model Boxster S makes much more sense for some then a 911.

  5. mitchell says

    thanks for posting this! but now its going to incite some emotions.
    i wasnt really trying to stir anything up. i mean, if this contest was for a boxter i would absolutely still be entering! lol i was just pointing out why i think its not my personal favorite if i was lucky enough to choose – thats all.

    @joe – you own (at least one) porsche. i own zero. you still win, lol.

  6. the reason Boxsters are popular with women is because they get to own a Porsche that’s less demanding to drive than a traditional 991 style car, but still get a nice car.

    It’s well built, goes fast, lots of fun, and better than a Miata or even a TT.

  7. I meant 911, not 991 🙂

  8. As a Boxster fan. i don`t get upset at all. When i like a car or don`t like a car, Its all about how i feel about it and what it means to me. I can respect that its not for everybody just as equally as i love them!

  9. That’s right they are still Porsches, so better to drive them, rather than a production sedan.

  10. @maria –

    “maria said:

    as a chick,i can say not just a chick car…”

    Uhh… as a chick, you are actually the only one NOT qualified to answer this question.

  11. has been one of car and driver’s top 10 almost every year it has been in production.

  12. I’d own own one as a dude!

  13. …then there’s those Subaru people who think they have a Porsche Boxster motor in their car.

    Uhh…dude, your Subaru has a BOXER motor, y’know, horizontally opposed cylinders, and…nevermind

  14. has anyone else noticed that andrew only has negative answers to other’s comments?not just mine.

  15. Ha! Maria, that is so true. Way to call him out.

  16. I want a full fledged rumble on the boards here.

  17. @maria, I have not noticed that about Andrew, or anyone else for that matter.

  18. hah! bring the rumble on. i’ve been trying to start one between the “J’s” forever now.
    sarcastic comments? most definitely. mean spirited? no way.
    i leave lots of nice comments too. 🙂

  19. I apologize if I offended you maria. I was just trying to make a joke and evidently that wasn’t apparent. My fault.

  20. 1) a boxter is a poor mans porsche. Its like the c-class or 318i. You cant afford a better porsche, but still want a porsche, you buy the boxter…there really is no excuse to buy a boxter otherwise.

    2) it is a ladies car…more finesse than oomph…plus most of them are convertibles anyway

    if you own a boxter…id rather drive an accord…or a miata

  21. @ Russ, the price of a new Boxster and Boxster S is 47,000 and 57,000 respectively. Anyone know someone whose poor who can spend the much on a car? Thought so…

    By the way, ALL boxsters are convertibles. Shows how little you know about the Porsche brand.

  22. A poor mans porsche doesnt imply its for “poor” people. A poor mans porsche implies its a porsche for those who are unwilling to splash an extra 15/20k for the next best thing.

    I wouldn’t know much about boxters…i wouldnt consider them a significant part of the porsche brand.

  23. Joe, you’re such a t-bag

    Your own comment above; “Finally, most Boxster owners love the 911 but opted for Boxster because of the price. The price of a newer model Boxster S makes much more sense for some then a 911.

    ie; you CANT afford a 911. you buy a boxter.

    We wont hold it against you…but like you said..just statistics.

  24. Great. I’m just glad you aren’t the one making the important business decisions Porsche has to make. People who write the Boxster and Cayenne off as “not real” Porsches or insignificant are clueless. If it wasn’t for the Cayenne and Boxster, and their owners, Porsche would not be able to make the beloved 911. Look up the figures on what are the top selling Porsche models before you comment on what models are significant.

  25. Great. I’m just glad you aren’t the one adding numbers up for Porsche. Thank you for calling me clueless…you dont need to get defensive about your cayenne or boxter…nobody was saying they arent good cars (I admit the cayenne is a good one, the boxter..not so much).

    So I took your “clued” advice and looked up some numbers..I couldn’t find latest figures but I wouldnt bet on great deviation. Based on Sept 08 results (and the “recession” was in full swing), the number of Cayennes, 911, Boxters sold ytd:

    8966, 6591, 2500 : 08 (till sept). But who claims 08 was a “normal” year???

    Looking at 07 figures, again Cayenne, 911, Boxter

    8877, 9833, 3000 : 07 (till sept.)

    Hmm, so Cayenne sales were up slightly in 08 (a recession year), the 911 down and the boxter DOWN as well. That 50,000 vehicle that is used to finance the 911 we love. I wonder what happened.

    Your theory in essence doesn’t make sense (nor do the figures match up). Porsche was doing fine before the Cayenne, I doubt the Cayenne and Boxter are cash cows and I doubt the 911 needs financing from its brethren.

    But then again what would I know…im clueless and insignificant. Enjoy your boxter

  26. one rumble ends, another begins! this thread is becoming my favorite.

  27. if I can throw my 2 cents in: poor man’s Porsche isn’t the Boxter – it’s the Audi TT

  28. Admittedly, the numbers I were looking up were for the Porsche sales in North America, hence why my numbers are different from yours. I should have been more specific. While looking at these, the sales were as follows for 2008: Cayenne 1212, Boxster 845, 911 Carrera 753, Cayman/Cayman 451.

  29. I’ve seen different figures on almost every site i’ve been on but the official site must have the correct figures, one would think.

    Anyways, here is the link:

  30. it’s a good thing Porsche stopped making THESE, or the confusing stats would be even worse:

  31. I cant see anything???

  32. If i had the kind of money that would allow me to own a Carrera GT, I would still have a Boxster S in the stable. It isnt its price or “entry level” label. I think it is simply an attractive ride. I am not a fan of everything that simply has a Porsche badge on it either, I have to like the substance of the car. The Boxster does not say Poor mans Porsche to me (which does not mean it is or isnt) I simply love the car (style etc).

  33. Phil Schneider says

    I’d be happy to drive a Boxster on a warm summer
    night with a pretty girl. I have a ’07 MV Agusta F4 1000 R
    to tear through the curves the rest of the time.

  34. Maybe a Boxster with a widebody (like techart) and a 500 HP 911 motor will shake the “chick” label !