Porsche Giveaway Home Stretch

We are on the home stretch for the Porsche Giveaway we’re doing here for the blog. This has got to be one of the easiest ways to get yourself into one heck of a cool car. No tickets to buy. No sales presentations to sit through. No products to buy you don’t want or need. And arguably some of the best odds you’re ever going to see for a high dollar prize like a Porsche.


I’m surprised more people haven’t signed up. Our “fishbowl” is emptier than I anticipated it would be at this stage. I think we’ve made it pretty dang easy to enter this giveaway. So to help keep everyone on track, I thought I’d post a little recap of the ways you can enter the drawing. Keep in mind, the 10 entry methods below offer a minimum of 17 entries you can gain TODAY. If you have some great Porsche pictures you’re willing to share with the world or web sites or blogs that you can get to link to the giveaway page, you can earn even more right now.

Here’s our list so far:

  1. Subscribe to our email updates.
  2. Submit a comment to a post.
  3. Subscribe to our Newsletter.
  4. Follow PorschePerfect on Twitter.
  5. Join the PorschePerfect group on Facebook.
  6. Link to the PorschePerfect.com Giveaway.
  7. Blog about the PorschePerfect.com Giveaway.
  8. Submit your Porsche story.
  9. Submit your Porsche picture.
  10. Featured Porsche pictures.

Get all of the details on the official Porsche Giveaway page here: Porsche Giveaway

Don’t lose sight of the goal. We’re less than 2 months away from wrapping this drawing up and giving this car away to one of our lucky readers.


  1. Hey, Am I eligible to win??? 🙂

    • @993 – Of course you are! You already have a decent handful of entries. Course if you win, you’re going to have to start 996cab.com or something like that.

  2. mitchell says

    ssshhhhh! haha but yeah, i am surprised too …

  3. Just submitted a picture; also became a follower of PP on Twitter. My name on there is porsche911t! Hope to win!!

  4. Is there a number 11 ? Beg , plead, cry? 🙂

  5. 996cab.com is available! Signed up to follow your tweets. Guess I couldn’t hold out on twitter forever. Still holding strong w/ my resistance to join facebook though. That facebook ruins lives.

  6. That last post made me sound like a grandpa. I’m pretty sure the pending birth of my first child has made me way more conservative and aged me by about 20 years as I’ve started to sound like an old man. T-5 days and counting til the newest member of the PorschePerfect community is here.

  7. So Ryan, are you saying that I can troll the web for porsche images, send them to you, and get entries for that? I’m down with that.

    • @Jeremy – You can send any pictures you have rights to send. Translated…you took them or know the person who did and have permission to send them over. Don’t submit copyrighted material you don’t have rights to. We won’t accept those.

  8. Guess I am going to have to sign up for a Twitter account. That is all the rage so I guess I better join in. I have been spreading the word about the blog, to anyone I come across interested in Porsches.

  9. whoever wins is one lucky person.great car.

  10. i can see myself now,top down,hair flowing in the wind…

  11. andrew,
    i’d like more information on how facebook ruins lives

  12. I’ve done all but 2 of those

  13. @James – i have never met anyone who didn’t spend an inordinate amount of time with facebook. It seems to become all-consuming and takes over as the primary mode for communicating for those who sign up. I’ve just never really been down with that so I have resisted jumping on the bandwagon. My wife was a holdout until last year when she signed up, now she’s always on the facebook. I like working with cool apps and I’ve recently gotten into Picasa for cataloging photos and some light Photoshop for editing, but I view those as more useful technologies to master (Photoshop mainly since you can master Picasa in a weekend). So that’s my rant. I just say it ruins lives to be dramatic. 🙂

  14. this car would change my LIFE

  15. @ Andrew – FB is a cool way to communicate w/ a large group of friends, but too many folks use it to play games like poker and mafia wars, that’s when it becomes a time waster

  16. Just wanted to say I think linking up in the hometown was a perfectly fine idea. I guess I’d take the car. It looks pretty cool. 😉

  17. The race is on!! Who is going to have the last lap kick to push them into victory and into a new Porsche? I’m game…

    I am a Wheel of Fortune Champion after all!!

    That never gets old.

  18. I took a test drive in a used mini-van today.. I really need to win this Porsche. I’ve never been more motivated.

  19. Jill Hayes says

    I must have come across this contest for a reason……thanks for having it and I would love to win this car!!!! Especially, since my son needs mine all the time.

  20. all i got is my OLD f-150………yeah this car would definitely be an upgrade

  21. Marilyn Wons says

    I would be thrilled just to ride in a Porsche. Winning one would be the ultimate driving experience for me – thank you!

  22. mitchell says

    any way to find out the total number of entries in the hat right now – to give us an idea on the odds we are facing?

  23. what if everybody leaves when the porsche is given away 🙁

  24. @ Ryan, seriously…just no cayennes or boxters.

  25. I’ll keep you company after the contest Ryan – I’ll even guest-blog here about the cool black 1999 911 Carrera Cabriolet sitting in my garage.

  26. I need to win this car. Please pick me.

  27. Yes, he does need to win…so he can drive me around with my hair blowing in the wind!!!

  28. To be quite honest… who here would want to choose, given the choice, to own a porsche boxter, over a cabriolet??


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