Unique Interior Color Feature

I ran across this today on Craigslist. It’s not really Tempting Porsche quality for me because of the price, but it made me stop long enough to show it to my family who all had the same reaction I did, “oh wow.” It’s a 2003 911 Cabriolet for $42995 (too much IMO). Check out the seat belt color in the pictures below.

Nothing special about the interior except for those belts. They sure liven up an otherwise bland look. Here’s a picture of the outside of the car in case you’re interested.


  1. not like a porsche could be considered “blaw” but this one might go under the “blaw” look in my book

  2. I don’t know why, but I’ve seen these non-matching seatbelts added as an aftermarket feature on many European cars…it’s a nice little detail that I only see here in the U.S. with the street-tuner crowd. I like it.

  3. What makes those belts look good is contrast. Seems like when this car was ordered the buyer might have thought of that with the whole interior. Essentially its the same color as the body..Although a beautiful car..Too much of one color seems not to be as attractive. You get away with that with Black though!

  4. This is an interesting concept. I like the look but think I would stay clear of the red seat belts. I applaud the effort though.

  5. Looks like they need to add something else to the interior like a red leather wrapped steering wheel. What else could you do?

  6. I know 911’s are meant to be more racecar than showcar, but feel free to throw in a splash of color every now and then. The first time I went for a ride in a 911 I was underwhelmed by the blandness of the interior. Very disappointing. I don’t know that these seatbelts were the right choice for this 911 — for me they’d work better with a red exterior — but at least it’s an effort (albeit on the owner’s part) to liven it up a bit.

  7. @Jeff W – maybe a red leather gearshift wrap…

  8. The red seat belts add a nice touch. Also agree about the overall blandness of the Porsche interior. Obviously performance comes first and foremost but can’t the 911 interior is disappointing. I know for a fact the interior of the 996 model is basically the exact same of the boxster model. I’m sure i’ll get bashed for this but the cup holders are among the worst of any car i’ve ever been in.

  9. looks good;german cars aren’t known for there interiors.

  10. Looks nice.why not?

  11. mitchell says

    how bout some red rims to match? dont the shoes have to match the belts? lol

  12. Actually, I’ve decided that this is a bit to girly for me. I’ll pass.

  13. Very funny Mitchell, you could take that a step further and have the brake shoes match the belts.

  14. Maybe the door pulls could be red too

  15. @lar – maybe they’re not “known” for them, but Audi, BMW and even VW have some pretty nice interiors. At least they are current. Looking at the interior of the 911 pictured reminds me of the interior of a 1992 Ford Explorer I had. It could be the interior of any late 80’s/early 90’s jalopy w/ leather. Time for an update.

    For instance, the interior of an M3:

    Mercedes SLK:

    Audi RS4:

    And of course, the Barbie VW convertible Beetle:

  16. For 43K, its not flashy enough. You could add red brakes to match the seat belts, and the price is negotiable I’m sure. i wouldn’t buy it because it blends in with cheaper cars too easily. ( likea a cheap hyundai or something.)

  17. agree with jeremy. grey is too bland when it comes to leather…no great effect. The red does create a good mix (to prevent over blandness) but it takes it all the way across the spectrum. not a great mix and match. I applaud the ballsiness though.

  18. ballsi is the right word for it.

  19. That probably is the blandest Porsche color combo you could possibly go with. Maybe the guy who bought it really wanted a Porsche but didn’t want to draw attention to himself? Then he got tired of it being so bland and decided to spice things up by adding the seatbelts.

  20. I think it is pretty funny this posting has got the most comments from almost any other one, and it is about – Seatbelts… Actually, I realize we are talking about interiors and more, but I still think it is funny.

  21. how about get the interior redone to a nice brown/tan look =)

  22. Phil Schneider says

    the exterior paint is nice. with a convertible,
    I guess you would err on the side of lighter colors
    for the interior so you wouldn’t burn your bum.
    I’m more of a coupe guy anyway.