Where I Want To Be Right Now…

It was a stinking long day. One of the reasons I didn’t get a post up. I ran across this picture and it embodies what I’d like to be doing right now. Some place with some palm trees and a sweet Porsche. This 1989 Speedster would be dang cool to share the scenery with.


  1. there’s my car!!!! you know that’s my all time favorite vintage porsche

  2. Another awesome scenario..I wish i was sitting in the drivers seat of that RIGHT NOW! . Even if i wasnt allowed to drive it 🙂

  3. That is an awesome pic. I would love to be there. I am actually going to Maui in October and would love to rent a Porsche for a day.

  4. Just recline the seat and take a nap. That’s where I’d like to be and what I’d like to be doing right now.

  5. well brad lets just say i’m the driver and you are the passenger.
    i’ll be honest, you aren’t my ideal passenger but at least you appreciate what i’m driving….

  6. mitchell says

    well said – how cool would it be driving along the coast at sunset with the top down…. ah, to dream.

  7. I’m taking the giveaway Porsche with me to LA.. I will have a picture taken just like this some day.

  8. That may be a picture in Hawaii actually.

  9. well jeremy it really doesn’t matter if it’s in california or hawaii, what matters is that it isn’t in the rainy state of oregon

  10. mitchell says

    @james – i lived in portland for a few years and i didnt think it was that bad. maybe i moved there expecting the worst, but i thought the summer was plenty hot and plenty sunny