THE Perfect Store???

Some of you may actually crap your pants over this one, so may I recommend you stop reading and print this article out right now… Take the printed results to a hygienically appropriate place and continue reading.

Paul, who happens to be the brains behind the “operation”, sent me a link to a store he came across on a bike blog named Bike Snob NYC. Check out this picture:

The Porsche 944 is the window display at a high-end fashion store named Marc Jacobs in New York. Now if you’re into Porsches AND fashion, this may be the holy grail of all shopping experiences. If you’re a knuckle tattoo fan in addition to the other two, your knees are probably buckling right about now (assuming you’re not already “sitting down”). Here’s a closeup of what’s on the hood of the 944:

It’s a knuckle tattoo that spells MARC if you can’t quite make it out.

It’s interesting that a high-end fashion store would use an older Porsche like that in their window display where clothing samples would normally be. I’m no marketing expert, especially when it comes to retail stores, so maybe this is all the rage in New York fashion stores these days. It definitely is an interesting use of display space.

Think the sign behind the Porsche is legitimate? It reads: “For Sale Make Best Offer”.

[Via Bike Snob NYC]


  1. Wow, definitely different but I like it. I’m about 45 minutes outside NYC, in Connecticut, so I might have to go check this out. I’ll be in the city next week too…

  2. Can you also please put my offer of $500.00 in there for me? Ill wire the money over.

  3. ryan ryan ryan. you are way behind the times i guess. it is all the rage. i was thinking of having an eagle painted on the front hood of the 911.

  4. That is weird. It must be a New York thing.

  5. I live right outside of New York and this one definitely doesn’t surprise me. I do need to check this one out ASAP though.

  6. Only in Zoo York.

  7. That’s art.

    I could also imagine it happening in Florida.

  8. It definitely is good marketing, Got you talking about it! And a nice 944 to look at to boot!