Why Hicks Should Never Touch a Porsche

I am reluctant to put this up, but am going to anyway. If nothing else it will remind us of the countless stories of abuse of Porsche cars that go untold and unpunished. Maybe we should have our own version of Animal Cops…call it Porsche Cops. I’m ready to deputize some people and go stop the madness!

The camera work on the first couple of minutes is absolutely horrendous. You have to watch the whole thing though to see the 928 get launched into the air. I may have to start a new category called Porsche Sadness.


  1. That is sad to do that to a Porsche. Just not right. Looks like he has a junkyard of other cars he has done that to in the past though.

  2. This is an excellent example of why cousins should not be allowed to marry.

  3. The beer in the video says it all. Let that be a lesson to us kids; if your drinking beer, leave the Porsche keys in the drawer.

  4. How about, if you’re drinking beer leave all the car keys in the drawer…

  5. Who gave the keys of a Porsche to a redneck? Actually they’re Canadiens, even worse! There goes the notion that all Porsche owners take meticulous care of their vehicles out the window!

  6. i’m speechless. i’ll have to comment later in the day about this one…

  7. Oh yes!! I totally heard the Canadian accents in the video as well. So funny.

    But really, when you think about it, what else are Canadian rednecks supposed to do with their time? Guns are far more regulated in Canada than here in the US. Where as our rednecks get drunk and shoot each other, i.e. Cops, rednecks in Canada have little recourse but to destroy their cars. It’s all making sense now.

    Canada, living the American Dream without all of the violence.

  8. i don’t know if i like this video or not. i’m leaning towards liking it.

  9. actually when i get the 911 i think i’ll build a dirt jump in my back yard and video tape it too

  10. I don’t even like 928’s and that video makes me sad. I was really hoping he’d coming flying off that tabletop completely sideways and land on all of the spectators. I think the world would’ve been a better place for it. Sad indeed.

  11. That is pretty sad. Although hey it would be fun to take out the most expensive cars and run em through mud too. I liked the ebay comment. I am sure they could make booko bucks on that.

  12. I saw Steve Driving the giveaway car on Saturday night, it looked like he had been doing some offroading / dirt jumping in it already.

  13. when he took me in a ride “around” the block i pulled a gun on him and made him go do some off roadin!

  14. i was actually joking about pulling a gun on steve. i don’t want to make myself sound like a criminal or anything

  15. All i can think of is Jackass. But that show is funny. Boneheads….Really this just isnt right at all. All kidding aside.

  16. Cant imagine why i would watch this a second time….All i can say is these mutton heads look dumb enough to run themselves over.


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