Weekly Porsche Wrap

Here’s a few interesting things from the last week or so…

Porsche speeds up India expansion plan – Guess sales are not all bad for Porsche these days. They’re planning on increasing their presence in India from 2 dealerships currently (in Delhi and Mumbai) to 13 total. Rod Wallace from Precision Cars (the official Porsche importer) said, “India has a growing number of people who want to enjoy their success and are not shy of showing so by buying luxury cars.” Porsche expects to sell 200 units this year in India. [Via The Times Of India]

Golden Porsche stolen in Moscow – It was just a matter of time. Why anyone would want ANY car with real gold on it, much less a Porsche 911 plated with 45 lbs of real gold, I have no idea. However, this $600,000 beauty was driven away on Friday afternoon after the owner let an interested “buyer” he found on the Internet take it for a few laps in a parking lot. Gonna keep my comments to myself. [Via Rian.ru]

Newlyweds driving a Porsche hauled off to jail for speeding – This one cracked me up. A couple of newlyweds from Pretoria in South Africa were caught speeding at 172 km/h on the way to their hotel for their wedding night. A metro police spokesperson said, “They were in a hurry to get to the hotel.” Really…You think?! No one is above the law (well, no one except Steven Seagal), but don’t you think the cop could have let them off…just this once? [Via iol.ca.za]

Amazon and Duzoxin giving away a Porsche of their own – Sure it’s not as cool as the 911 Cabriolet we’re giving away at PorschePerfect.com, but hey, a Porsche is a Porsche. Click here to visit Amazon’s sweepstakes entry page: Amazon Porsche Sweepstakes. Might as well double your chances of winning a Porsche this year. Heck, maybe you’ll take home a his and hers this year! [Via Amazon.com]

Porsche gets 10 billion euro loan to buy more VW shares – Porsche secured a 10 billion euro loan enabling it to buy shares of VW up to the 75% stake it’s hoping to hold. Quite a feat given the world economy and how much car manufacturers are struggling. I’m sure VW owners hate it, but I as a Porsche owner LOVE IT! [Via Reuters.com]


  1. i think the wedding one is hilarious

  2. 45 pounds of gold? really? maybe next porsche he buys to replace the stolen one should be platinum plated since platinum has lost some value

  3. That is great Porsche is expanding in India. I think it will be a good boost for the brand.

  4. India really blowing up. I was reading a story online (can’t find it now of course) that had pics and detail about some big meet/tour in India that included a bunch of Ferraris, Lambos, Porsches, BMWs and Mercedes. It was a pretty rowdy lineup. Apparently there is some a pretty big socioeconomic gap over there.

  5. That is nice of Amazon to give away another Porsche, but I really like yours Ryan, so I am going for it.

  6. WHAT?! Someone stole that gold plated Porsche you posted about last week?!

    That owner had to be the dumbest guy ever – to create that gaudy thing in the first place and then to let some jackal go for a test drive in it without having him hand over his first born as collateral first.

  7. The hedgefund that is Porsche continues.
    Have you guys been following this at all?

    They made A TON more money off of playing VW’s stock in the last 6 months than they have actually selling cars.


  8. The wedding story is funny. I can just imagine driving your Porsche on my wedding night this October.

  9. The golden Porsche guy is just an idiot! For many reasons..

  10. Jeff, I find it a little funny that your visions of ‘The Wedding Night’ are focused on driving a car.