Archives for March 16, 2009

Drive the Porsche of Your Dreams

Ever think that owning the Porsche of your dreams won’t ever happen? After all, we’re talking in some cases about a car stretching upwards of $200,000. Heck, for a lot of us, thinking about buying a run-of-the-mill car in the $15k to $20k range can seem more than a bit daunting. I read an interesting […]

Porsche 911 Turbo vs. Ferrari 360 & Porsche 917

I realized this morning that I’m about a junior high boy age level when it comes to humor. This video made me laugh, mostly because it’s in Japanese and it just sounds karate-like. Kind of like a Bruce Lee version of a Porsche face-off. In honor of the Porsche 917 turning 40 last week, I […]