Porsche 911 Turbo vs. Ferrari 360 & Porsche 917

I realized this morning that I’m about a junior high boy age level when it comes to humor. This video made me laugh, mostly because it’s in Japanese and it just sounds karate-like. Kind of like a Bruce Lee version of a Porsche face-off.

In honor of the Porsche 917 turning 40 last week, I thought I’d include a little documentary video. If you’re at all interested, it’s worth watching. A little slow, but some great info and a couple of cool driving/action clips. I forgot to mention earlier that my favorite Tyco slot car was a Porsche 917 when I was kid. Coincidence…or destiny?


  1. TURBO!
    I’ve seen a hundred videos just like that one (w/ cars racing, drifting, etc.) and I think they all must come from the same TV show. I don’t know what it is, but we NEED to bring that show to the States!

  2. Haha that was awesome. Who was commenting that video, Mr. Miyagi?

  3. the drag race was cool. joe i think that was mr. miyagi.

  4. the 917 video is really a special one. those shots are awesome, but what’s better is listening to the sound of that engine

  5. That was so cool. I agree Andrew, we need that show here.

  6. The 917 is a sweet looking racer. It’s shape just screams FAST!

  7. The legendary 917……and amazing car by anyones standards.

  8. Although the video didn’t work either because of my filters or maybe the length of time since posting, so I had to go look up the 917 online and that is one impressive race car. And it ties into the Le Mans film we all need to see.