Need for Speed ProStreet – A Little Slice of Video Game Heaven


I’ve always been a Need for Speed fan. It’s one of the few ways to “go fast” safely and without fear of getting sniffed out by a smokey. Throw the image up on a big screen or get really close to your monitor, and it feels like you’re in the game.

I keep telling my wife I’m going to buy a decent steering wheel/pedal setup for the xBox 360 along with a manual shift setup to teach the kids the idea of driving a manual transmission. Maybe that’s just a sorry excuse to buy a video game accessory and play more often. It certainly sounds good though.

I was looking for something on the site today and ran across Need for Speed ProStreet. Looks like it’s been out for a while, and I was surprised I hadn’t seen it before. As it turns out, my son bought the game a few months ago! Looks like we have some father-son bonding time in our future.

They make a version for XBOX 360, PS3, PS2, Wii, PC, PSP and DS. The cool thing is, since the game is a bit on the older side, you should be able to pick it up for under $20. Amazon has it for $19.99 with free shipping here: Need for Speed ProStreet.

Once you fire up the game, you’ll need to download the Energizer Lithium Extender Pack to get the Porsche Leipzig Test Track. The Porsche GT3 RS and Carrara GT will cost you a few bucks to get (I paid about $6.25, but got a bunch of cars including the 2 Porsches). Well worth the money though.


  1. I always have loved driving games. Not only do you get to go fast but to be honest thats as close as most of us will ever get to owning one of those cars. have you ever tried Forza Motorsport? The ability to customize everything about the car and its performance is just a tad addicting.

  2. Now you are speaking my love language. Though I am a big fan of the Porsche automobile, I am an even bigger fan of video games (probably because I can afford to buy video games).

    It’s no surprise to a guy like me, then, that since the early days of home gaming, game designers have not been able to withstand the temptation to put Porsches into their creations.

    Ryan has given us a great modern example of the gamers obsession with the Porsche. Here are nearly 250 more examples from throughout the ages of the Porsche making its appearance in video games:

    My favorite: Porsche 911 in Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja, 1988

  3. I see that my local Gamestop is selling ‘Need for Speed ProStreet’ for $17.99. It looks like its going to be a day of virtual Porsche driving for me!! 🙂

  4. i might need to pick it up

  5. Good find Ryan, i’ll be picking this up sometime this week.

  6. Looking at this got me thinking about what is coming out from a racing standpoint. i got all excited for this one but there better be Porsches in it.

  7. That would be a cool thing to own. Don’t do much gaming, but if I did I would love driving games.