Porsche Beauty

I Tivo everything and never watch commercials. It strikes me as funny though that I will spend free time watching commercials like this one from Porsche online. Kind of silly.

For some reason though, I love this commercial. I might even go so far to say it’s a bit inspiring (assuming a commercial can actually be inspiring). If my name were Damon and I was selling watches, I’d say “It speaks to me.”


  1. I like this one. There is also a good one I saw on youtube the other day titled porsche 911 history commercial.

  2. it speaks to me

  3. Sweet and simple message. My head would turn if I saw that car on the road.. especially if that dude was drivin it. 😉

  4. Kinda looks like Agent Smith from the Matrix. That would really turn my head if I saw a Smith driving a Porsche down the street.. that would mess with my head.

  5. And besides the Eurythmics, who wears their sunglasses at night?

    I guess dudes who drive Porsches.

    Should Porsche really be encouraging such dangerous and reckless driving practices?

    I have too much fun talking to myself on here.

  6. What’s Porcshe?? Kidding 🙂

    • That’s just plain sorry. Can’t believe I didn’t catch that. Especially with all of the times I type Porsche every day.

  7. Every Message Board has one.. A spell checker.

    I only know this because they are usually coming after me and my poor typing skills.

  8. That is a cool commercial. Obviously Porsche has a great marketing department and people with creative minds.