Archives for February 10, 2009

“Rare” My Asphalt…Part Zwei (2)

In case you missed my first “rare” rant, you can see it here: “Rare.” Rare My Asphalt!. I’m sure no one wants to hear my rant about something so trivial, but I’ve really gotten to the point where these dumb little adjectives and descriptive phrases bug me. Besides, you don’t have to read it if […]

Hide-A-Porsche: Ultimate Underground Parking

A solution to the “Where do I park my Porsche?” question has been developed by a fella living in west London. It’s a combination of a hide-a-key and car lift like you’d find in your garage to park more than one car in a single bay. I call it the Hide-A-Porsche. Have a look: Now […]