2010 Porsche GT3 Videos

Here’s a couple of videos for your Monday. They’re both of the 2010 Porsche GT3. The first is on a track. Some pretty cool drifting shots. Much smoother than my herky jerky tail wag turns.

This second one is lifestyle video of the GT3 out and about. Some gorgeous coast line views. I’d love to have a chance to drive that road in a Porsche someday.


  1. So awesome! Keep the videos coming!

  2. Jeremy Green says

    I think taking a spin in a Porsche on a test track would just about make all of life’s problems go away.

  3. Nice… greatest car or greatest car ever?

  4. ohhh man, that’s a nice car…

  5. I think I would choose a different color than red. Not my favorite. I would dig this car in black or charcoal grey. Do they even make it in these colors? What is your dream color for a Porsche?

  6. Turns me on

  7. Personally, I like the classic colors: black, red. However, the charcoal grey is a sweet color. There’s also a gorgeous rootbeer color 911 Turbo at Sunset Porsche. It has funky burnt orange interior. I really like the look of that car.

  8. I am sorry but I agree with Jeremy. Imagine how great life would be if after a hard day you could jump in that car and just drive. No therapist can top that.

  9. Man, that GT3 is quite the driving machine. I would love to ride in one someday.

  10. love it, Pictures speak a thousand words and video a million! Love the second video, LOVE the GT-3!

  11. Just had to watch these again and stare at last weeks powerball ticket and cry 🙁