Used Porsche Prices Round 2

I’m still a little baffled at some of the prices I’m seeing for used Porsches. Especially older ones. Here’s a couple of examples:

This is a 1982 911 with this as the ad:

A very nice car. All has been rebuilt and upgraded. I would prefer to trade for property or Porsche 993.

He’s asking $40,000. How IN THE WORLD is he going to get 40 large for that car? The thing would have to be show ready and already have won some awards. Wouldn’t it???

Here’s another example:

This car is a 1998 911 C4S with 70k miles on it and a bunch of options and info listed. Here are some excerpts from the ad:

C4S! If you know Porsche, you know how rare a 1998 C4S is, especially one with only 20k miles on it. This is a documented 1 owner with ALL original sales information and documents; title is still in the original owner’s name. Vehicle comes with complete books, service records, and all documentation. Only 299 1998 C4S were produced in this last year of the purist air-cooled configuration. Not often you can buy a Porsche for under $100,000 and be reasonably assured it will appreciate as time goes on.

The car is going for $69,999 from a dealer. I could see a bit more of a case being made for this car being one that might appreciate in value at some point in the future. There are a number of 911 C4S cars around, so I’m just not seeing this being the crazy must have deal they’re making it out to be.

I’m sure there are plenty of people that will skip right over yet ANOTHER post complaining about used car prices, but does anyone else think some of these are out of whack? I’m viewing this as a great time to buy a sports car because prices should be hitting rock bottom while the economy is still down. Maybe the people attempting to sell at a premium have deep pockets and don’t really care if they sell.


  1. Prices defenitely out of whack. The red one is a beauty, not a 70k beauty though. haha dealer must be nuts.

  2. Wow those prices are totally unrealistic. I bet they never sold them.

  3. 80`s 911 , Likely the best era for 911`s….But no way is that 82 worth 40k . No awards would make me pay more if i had it either!

  4. Phil Schneider says

    nice cars, too much money

  5. Phil Schneider says

    I was looking at a nice ’83 911 SC with 27,000 on it
    and the guy was asking $20,000. (This was 7 years
    ago) I was too slow and he would let me do a
    inspection so there you have it. 40 K.
    This guy’s high

  6. that ’82 would make me happy though

  7. Yeah, the older one would be fun to have as a daily driver. I think something like that will be my next car purchase.