928 GTS Owners Smokin Something???

Up until tonight, I couldn’t stop wondering what I was missing about 928 GTS models. There is one floating around on Portland Craigslist. It’s pictured above and is a 1993 928 GTS 5-speed. It was recently serviced and has 99,300 miles. Also has 12-way heated seats. I didn’t know you could heat your butt 12 different ways. A few other upgrades are listed. Price: $32,000!!!

I ran across another one today, listed in a post on Jalopnik under the title “Nice Price Or Crack Pipe: $50,000 For A 30,000-Mile 1994 Porsche 928 GTS?” Again, big price for a 928 GTS. Out of 874 votes, an overwhelming 84% say it’s overpriced. Exactly how I would have voted…until I started reading a bit more about the GTS.

Based on some initial research online, I’m seeing that only 422 GTSs were imported into North America with model years of 1993 thru 1995. Only 77 were imported into the US in 1995 with loaded models exceeding the $100,000 price mark. Changed bodywork, larger front brakes and a new, more powerful 5.4 L, 350 PS (257 kW/345 hp) engine were the big changes Porsche publicized.

NOW it’s starting to make sense. Such a low number of imported GTSs is clearly one of the biggest reasons the car has retained a significantly higher value. Not to mention a higher new retail value. In fact, I’m finding that over the last couple of years, all 928 prices have started to creep upwards a bit, although 2008 has decimated many prices. Would be cool to find a 1995 model since so few were imported.


  1. it would be cool to find a 95 but it wouldn’t be high on my list

  2. I love these cars but even the newest are ’95’s.
    And yet I have no problem with an ’83 911 SC.
    I’d buy one of those in a second.
    I guess the complexity of the GTS and the fear
    of repair bills scare me to death. I need more money.

  3. Phil Schneider says

    I wonder what this joker wants for this car now?

  4. Low mileage GTS 5-speeds have sold recently for more than their original MSRP much to the dismay of the uninformed I’m quite sure….. Buy a well maintained car with a good history and these things are bullet proof. Buy one on the cheap and well, you get what you pay for. Don’t let the uninformed nay sayers influence an opinion not to buy. They are AWESOME cars. I’ve had 7 of them and all were top notch

    • @Chaz – Thanks for the input. Sometimes you have to wonder, but there are also those models that sneak into the crazy price zone.

  5. ^^True. However, this is classic supply/demand. With so few brought to NA there aren’t many choices if you’re looking for a low mileage GTS with a 5-speed. There are only 167 1993-95 5-speed GTSs brought to NA; some have been totaled/dismantled, most have higher miles and are just plain tired so the number of low mileage nice examples are few and far between. When those low mileage cars have come up for sale over the course of the last few years and in spite of this economy they have sold quickly – as in days of their for sale listing. Some have sold w/o ever being officially listed for sale – I know first hand of this one….. The car you referenced in your original blog sold and is now getting a ground up refresh (it already had a new high $ paint job) and a stroker.