Porsche Cayenne Turbo vs. Red Devil Parachuter Race

I’ve seen a lot of matchups of one brand verses another. Even supercars versus fighter jets and whatnot. But never a car verses a parachuter. I thought it’d be a bit bogus, but ended up being a pretty decent race. Here’s a link to the video since YouTube won’t let me embed this one:

Porsche Cayenne vs. Red Devil Parachuter

I think my favorite line in the video is “It is still the ugliest 4×4 ever made. But at least you’ll be going so quickly, no one will notice.”  Classic.


  1. this is a classic. i remember watching this one a couple months ago

  2. That was a great video. Kind of a crazy idea but it was cool if you watch the whole thing.

  3. mitchell says

    i liked the line “that sounded expensive.”

    cool video, but not really useful for anything..


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