Midnight Rambler Video

Two words sum up today’s video: Magnus Walker.

This is a video from last year, but I came across it earlier this week and can’t find that I posted it on the site, so today is the day! I absolutely love this video. It causes my imagination to run wild and I can see myself driving the streets in a beloved car like this 911T. There are a number of things I like about Magnus Walker’s cars, not the least of which is his creative, personal touch approach to his cars. One thing I was reminded of again is he likes to work on cars he will drive. Notice the seat bolster shredded from entry/exit, the duct tape on the door, missing radio, etc. This is obviously a car he loves and loves to drive.

The video has no words, just pure Porsche sound goodness. Crank the speakers up and enjoy the sounds.


  1. Great video. Magnus has a great Porsche collection.