Porsche 356 Million Miler

What car would you choose if you knew you were going to own it for over 45 years and spend the next million miles behind the wheel? It’s not an easy question is it. Lots of cars come to mind, but after watching this video, and hearing Guy Newmark’s story about his Porsche 356 with nearly 1 million miles on the odometer, I have to agree a Porsche 356 would be a great companion for those million miles.

A couple of things I found interesting about the video. First, he’s only rebuilt the engine 3 times over the course of those million miles. That’s 330k miles and change in between rebuilds! Regardless of what frequency the rebuilds came at, that’s some serious miles for a car built 50 years ago. Second, he’s used the same mechanic for the last 40 years. That alone has to be a big factor to this car still being on the road today.

Great video with some gorgeous footage. Petrolicious Productions has put together something truly special here.

[Source: Petrolicious.com]