2 Of The World’s Best SUV Go Head-To-Head On AND Off Road

It’s not often I come across a video about SUVs that captivates my attention, much less 2 in a row! However this pair of video reviews by Autocar pits a couple of the world’s foremost SUVs against each other…both on road…AND Off!

The first is the street review of the Range Rover and Porsche Cayenne:

Fortunately they don’t stop there, and decide to do what I image a lot of owners DON’T do with these $100k+ super SUVs. They take them off road to put the cars through their paces:

I would happily drive either SUV, although my leaning is toward the Porsche, despite my dad forbidding me to ever own one!


  1. I would suspect the difference of the mud drag would be the type of tires each suv had. I would think the Porsche had more of a road tire and the Rover more of a all-purpose tire.