Prototype Porsche 959 Goes For A Surprising Amount

This past weekend, Barrett-Jackson auctioned off one of four remaining Porsche 959 prototype vehicles left in existence (The Holy Grail of Porsche 959s Goes Up For Auction).

I fully expected this car to sell for a price in the millions. As I mentioned, it’s 1 of only 4 of these cars left, it’s a prototype, which Porsche doesn’t seem to be making available any longer when new cars are developed, and it’s a Porsche 959 for crying outloud! Easily one of the top supercars of the 80’s!

The car crossed the block and saw the gavel fall at $400,000 (plus another $40k buyer’s fee). Based on what I’m seeing, when Porsche 959’s come up for sale, they’re going for the $400k to $500k mark. This car should have easily gone for 3 or 4 times that amount in my opinion.

Based on the video and pictures, it even looks like they fixed the rear suspension issue!

Anyone else think the price this thing sold for is crazy?