Gorgeous 356 Outlaw Video

Porsche 356 Outlaw by Type2 Detectives

I suppose a true Porsche fan would be appalled by the concept of an Outlaw Porsche (unless it was of the front engine variety!). I’m hoping the landscape is changing a bit though with the likes of Magnus Walker, the Emory Family and others who are clearly Porsche fanatics, yet love to stir up the purist waters a bit.

I personally love Outlaw Porsches. Especially those of the 356 Outlaw variety.

It’s strange that 9 Magazine posted the video below yesterday, because I was just thinking about a reader’s Porsche 356 Outlaw project completed a couple of years ago (One Heck Of A Porsche 356 Outlaw). Still one of my favorite posts on the blog over the years.

Today’s video surfaced a few months ago and was filmed by Stephen Brooks Films. Check it out:

When I watched the Three Five Six video on the 9 Magazine site, my heart started to beat a bit faster and I nearly had to sit down. There is just something about a Porsche 356 that has been customized a bit to look meaner, faster, and individualized (without being ridiculous). It stirs something in me.

The 356 Outlaw featured in the video was built by Type 2 Detectives for Jason MacLean. After a good 20 or 30 minutes of searching, all I could find were links to the video and oglers smitten with Charlotte Louisa Moran who appears in the video. I attempted one more time and stumbled across a post on Stanceworks.com with some info and a bunch of gorgeous pictures. Check out the full post here: The Outlaw.

[Source: 9Magazine.com; Image: StanceWorks.com]