Exotic Car Highlights From Around The Web

Something fishy with this Porsche Cayenne

I would go fishing more often if I had the chance to catch one of these! Seems that some fisherman cast their nets into the waters off of South China, but instead of coming up with fish, they pulled up a Porsche Cayenne. It’s unclear why the Cayenne was sunk down to the bottom, but I think it’s safe to say this thing is probably less valuable than the fish they were hoping for. Be wary of any “too good to be true” eBay auctions in the next few months! [Image & Source:  gxnews.com.cn]

The changing face of Porsche

9Magazine had an interesting post on their site this past week titled “Is Porsche No Longer The Boutique Car Company That It Used To Be?” There’s not doubt that Porsche has changed over the years. This change has accelerated the past couple of years with Volkswagen’s acquisition of the car company. Many have feared (myself included) that Porsche would lose it’s edge as a small manufacturer and innovator as it got swallowed up in the larger VW fold of car companies. Although that doesn’t seem to be taking place just yet, it still has impacted Porsche. Take 5 minutes and read the 9Magazine post. It’s worthwhile. [Source: 9Magazine.com]

New model coming from Porsche?

I love the hard core researches and watchers on the Internet that scour the crevices of the ether looking for crumbs of information. GTSpirit.com found that Porsche has registered the numbers “919” with a German patent office signifying the designation of a new model possibly coming at some point. So far, mum’s the word on anything new that would use the designation, but it gets the old imagination revved up wondering what the Porsche 919 will be?! [Source & Image: GTSpirit.com]

Will the next Lamborghini be developed in Germany?

Word on the street is the Lamborghini Gallardo replacement might be developed in Germany rather than in Italy. Since VW owns both Audi and Porsche, a couple of brands that could lend serious power to developing a sister brand’s new entry level super car, I suppose it makes economical sense to share resources. On the one hand, I can see how a meeting of the super car minds would produce even greater results. On the other, I hope the Italian flair is not lost in an attempt to save money.

[Source: CarBuzz.com]