Porsche Whets The Appetite For The New Porsche Cayman

I always look forward to new Porsche videos. Seeing one of my favorite cars in action, in some of the coolest scenery on earth is just plain exciting. Porsche hasn’t disappointed with the latest video release giving us some action footage of the new Porsche Cayman just announced yesterday.



  1. why do you think the R8 is fatser? it’s just fatser off the line because of it’s awd but in nearly every other situation the 911? is fatser but in the end it’s down to your personality

  2. The grey haired old farts at Porsche will never just get over it that the Cayman is a betetr car than the 911. Somehow those stupid old farts, the idiots that thought they could buy out volkswagon, need to listen to the customer. You know, the person that pays their salary and bonus package? Take the Cayman S, stuff the GT3 engine in it and also make a GT2 type version with a turbo option. Set the price where-ever they want. Just stop making excuses. That rear seat space is ffor the engine!