New Porsche Cayman Pictures…Are They Really What Porsche Is Revealing Next Week?

Porsche Cayman Spy Photos

Sometimes I just can’t resist. I hate putting up the same stuff everyone else does. I saw this come through a bunch of car sites I watch, and even held off from posting, but I’m looking at the pictures again this morning and I just have to add them.

A very observant person stumbled on what appears to be the next gen Porsche Cayman in an undisclosed location. Took some pics and added them to Instagram. A VW Vortex Forum user had them in a post.

Porsche has been pretty tight lipped about the Cayman specifically, but hinted at the world premiere of a compact sports car at the LA Auto show on November 28th. This could be it!

Porsche Cayman Spy Photo

The coming model year Porsche Cayman is anticipated to carry the same 2.7-liter flat six engine used in the Porsche Boxster. Output is expected to be in the 275 hp range. The Cayman S will hopefully have the current 3.4-liter power plant with a bump up to 330 hp.

I fell in love with the Cayman a couple of years ago when I helped a buddy of mine drive his Porsche Cayman Design Edition from Southern California to Oregon. Was an unbelievable trip and an equally unbelievable car. Although not a Porsche 911, the staple car of Porsche’s brand, it is arguably better in many ways with it’s mid-engine setup.

I personally love the styling of the car in the pictures. The side scoops really do it for me and I like the way the styling of the car feels like it’s matured over the years. I can’t wait to see if this is the one that gets unveiled this coming week!

[Image Source: VW Vortex Forum]


  1. I have a Cayman S and I really do feel that Porsche made a nice liltte car but it does sound lame. it seems quite subtle and soft. The Borla exhaust seems like the right way to go however I fear that my neighbours will just hate me. At the moment I roll out of the garage, engine off, in neutral until I hit the street and then start up while rolling downhill. Well, I only do this in the middle of the night so that I don’t scare the kids. With the Borla I would have no options at all.

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