RUF RGT8 & CTR3 Video

I’ve always love RUF Porsches. I think he’s one of the best Porsche tuners of all time. What’s amazing is he continues to push the envelope of his tuning in subtle, yet substantial ways, as well as some extreme examples of what can be done with Porsche parts. I still think (and dream) every once in a while about a Tempting Porsche I mentioned a couple of years ago. It was a RUF Porsche 911 Turbo Slantnose (Tempting Porsches #21). I still WANT that car!

Today we’ve got a little video extravaganza. It’s an overview of the building and driving of a couple of RUF creations: the RUF RGT8 and the RUF CTR3. Love the sounds in the video, the behind the scenes footage of the cars being assembled and driving of the finished product.



  1. I love the CTR-3 particularly. Great to see this video and see one designed and put together by hand.