A Lesson In Parking A Porsche

I’m really sorry. I’m honestly not going out looking for these videos. They just seem to be finding their way to me. This one is a double-take video though. My brain couldn’t really process what happened in this Porsche 911 the first time around.


  1. Ronald Breeze says

    Someone probably keyed the car for being a Porsche and taking up two parking spots. :-}0

  2. Zach Husman says

    Oh my! I cannot bellieve he gets out and is just fine!!! Unbelievable.

  3. I think the guy thought he was going to drive away. how is the guy walking he should have two broken legs.

  4. How am I gonna explain this to Dad?
    Amazing how the guy gets out even easier than i do – and my doors/roof are not crushed!