Cool Porsche 924 Turbo “Barn Find” Video

We don’t feature too many Porsche 924s on Not that they aren’t great cars, just not that many worth featuring these days. They tend to be beat up, abused and unsightly. That’s exactly the condition this Porsche 924 was in when Tony Griffin, a former Porsche mechanic and Porsche race car driver, found the car on a Craigslist ad. He fully restored the rare Porsche 924 and it looks great.


  1. Zach Husman says

    What an awesome story. That’s what I like to see. I would like to do an old 911 restoration one day myself.

  2. I find it very odd that this is here . This car went to Savannah 2011 for the Porsche Parade and placed 5th. The judges had not seen a series 2 Turbo in a long time. The work that was done to the nose very much surprized the judges in the fact that they could not tell where I did the metal work,so they picked it apart on the stupid stuff, like faded rear carpet, non-factory steering wheel but dealer installed, Napa battery, paint at the edges of the rear deck flaking, and some hose shielding cracks on the fuel lines. But all in all it did very well for a 30yr old in the preservation class. The entire trip 2500 miles in all the car was excellent and gave 25mpg and no problems ,not bad for a car that sat for 10yrs, The A/C did have some issues keeping up with the 102deg. temps there. Something that all of you should understand is that this is one of “876” 1982yr cars made and one of 50 that are registured and known to exist,and may be one of the 937 homolgation cars for racing Vin#WP0AA”937″CN150242 This car is FOR SALE

    • Louis G. says

      Hello, is the car still for sale. Probably sold long time ago, but thought I would ask anyways…. Porsche afficiniado in Canada.

  3. Louis G. says

    Could I contact the owner to find out if the car is for sale. I am a Porsche enthusiast from Canada and have several Porsches. Thank you. LG