Porsche Boxster E: Do We Really Want An Electric Porsche?

Porsche Boxster E Electric Porsche

I’ve been mulling over the Porsche Boxster E since the trio of cars showed up at the Michelin Challenge Bibendum in Berlin in May. Two Boxster E models were represented: one car containing two electric motors, and two cars with just one electric motor. The tests of the day were successful as far as Porsche was concerned. Their engineering team, I’m sure, gleaned loads of valuable test and real world experiential data as a result of the outing.

Interestingly, the Boxster E with two motors turned out some decent specs for Porsche’s first all-electric offering:

  • 0 to 62 mph in just 5.5 seconds
  • Top speed that’s limited to 124 mph
  • 107 miles of driving pleasure
  • Road ready weight of 3,527 lbs

Specs are fairly close to a Porsche Boxster S. Not bad. The two motor Boxster E will recharge in 9 hours on 220 v power. What’s interesting about the dual motor version is the increased efficiency of the drive unit as a result of two motors being used. More power is recovered due to more energy being captured during braking.

Here’s part of my hang up though. From the Porsche press release:

Because all Boxster Es are comparatively quiet on the road, Porsche engineers have designed an Active Sound Design system that provides drivers with acoustic feedback as well as alerting any passersby.

Now call me crazy, but it just feels like we’re getting away from some of the things that have not only defined automobiles, and specifically Porsches, but part of the allure and thrill of driving these cars in the first place. At the point where we have to manufacture a sound track not produced by the engine itself, I start to think we’re moving too closely to the Jetson era where none of us will even be able to enjoy the thrill of driving any longer.

I know electric cars are coming (heck, they’re already here), and it’s an important step in the evolution of the automobile. I’ll even admit I thought the Toyota Prius was the best thing since sliced bread when I first saw it and wanted one I could mod to double the battery power. Essentially coming close to what Porsche has done with the Boxster E, minus the good looks and power.

Maybe it’s all the futuristic “what will the road be like in 20 years” articles I’ve been reading lately, but I’m starting to wonder if I really want an Electric Porsche. This despite feeling the Tesla Roadster is one heck of a cool sports car. I guess I fear losing what I’ve come to love about Porsche (and other exotic greats like Ferrari and Lamborghini)…the sound…and possibly the place to even drive these cars if the bumper-to-bumper self-driving car predictions are to be believed.

That said, I know there is much to be gleaned from Porsche’s tests of the Boxster E. What they’ve put together with the Porsche 918 Spyder surely hasn’t disappointed! Nor has their advancements on the track with the Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid. I gladly embrace those cars as true Porsches through and through. I trust Porsche knows how to maintain the fabric woven into the brand and the cars they’ve successfully created for so many years. Maybe I just need to embrace change a bit more readily.

Would love to hear what you all think about an Electric Porsche and what that means for the future of the brand.

[Source & Images: Porsche]


  1. Ronald Breeze says

    You have to acknowledge that Porsche has confronted an environmental issue by producing a Porsche that maintains the Porsche lineage, performance, handling and looks of the marque to a higher degree than any other auto manufacturer except Tesla. At some point natural resources to power our vehicles will become finite and or too expensive for many of us and to have a vehicle like the Boxster available as an alternative to the dull clones on the market is a plus for the consumer. I salute Porsche for their out of the box thinking.

  2. James O. says

    I think that the future of the cars is looking bright if the numbers hold true. I also believe that once again Porsche is helping to lead the way.