How Would You Modify A Porsche 968?

One of our readers, Don, emailed me a couple of days ago asking what modifications he should make to his Porsche 968. Here’s what he asked:

I would like to know what updates and modifications are possible for my Porsche 968?  Examples: engine (more power), dual exhaust, exterior headlights, fenders, side air ducts, hoods, rear exhaust cut outs for dual exhaust

I thought it would be worth throwing out to the readership to give Don your thoughts on it. Add your modifications to the comments below. He’ll greatly appreciate any suggestions you’re willing to give.



  1. We took a look at ways to modify for 968.. Things we always suggest to all car tuners potentials is….

    1. Make sure you’ve recently taken a driving class
    2. Check your insurance and confirm you are fully insured.
    3. If you are going to modify your car, don’t take shortcuts
    4. Safety first… helmet, belts, roll bar, fire and collision.

    Engine: Number one suggestion is consider turbo. There are a couple of routes you can take… would be change heads and use the same kind you would find on a 944 Turbo (2 valve) or Go for the the 4 value and upgrade your manifold.

    Run a “Behr Turbo Intercooler” from front engine to the very nose of your car. Go for a race car grill package.

    Chip: Uni Chip… someone… 9tuning you decide???

    Dual Exhaust: Dont bother… its a 4 cylinder. Just find a great single exhaust “cat back” modification for a turbo 944. Doing this you get to avoid any rear exhaust cutouts. Consider fabricating a Remus exhaust.

    Headlights: Piaa might a cool solution.

    Side Air Duct could be cut into the body or into the top of the hood, as in Hood Scoop. Might consider carbon fiber hood. Might also consider spoiler.

    Pull out all that other useless stuff out of the car… you should be able to yank a good 800 lbs out of it… replace it with gauges, tech meters, roll cage, and radio.

    Install H&R or Eibach

    In terms of wheels.. don’t go over 17″, youre almost better staying with stock sized rims and sticker tyers depending on if its autox or track.

    Cup Sway bars.

    Plexiglass side windows and rear windows.

    some great racing shoes

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  3. Litko Chan says

    Has he done any AX or Track days? If not, that’s what I would recommend first. After that, brake fluid, brake pads, tires, exhaust (mainly for better exhaust note and some weight reduction), light weight flywheel, LSD in that order. The 968 is near perfection evolving from the 944 series. You really cannot get much more out of an already optimized NA engine without some major $$$

  4. How can one possibly improve perfection?

  5. James O. says

    Sorry your not going to want to hear this. Don’t tune it. If you sell the car and take the amount that you were going to sink into it you will find one that has been done cheaper. that car will have the labor absorbed into the price and will be fully sorted out. Look for track day cars in the Porsche club classifieds. Again I am sorry I hate to be the A-hole of the bunch but I have seen to many people start a project with the best of intentions and get frustrated with it or get in over their head and give up. Let some one else feel the pain and scoop up a car that they will never get their money out of.