Porsche 911 Floater

Brad sent me a heads up on this story earlier today. It seems one enterprising person living in one heck of a sweet pad near Louisville, Kentucky (not going to assume it’s a guy…you’re welcome ladies!) saw the water rising, did some quick thinking and came up with a solution to save his/her Porsche 911 from being swallowed up in the flood.

An update on Gizmodo mentioned someone did a little research and found that the house sits up higher than the road, so the water started coming and possibly rose sooner than the owner realized preventing the car from being simply driven out of harm’s way.

Quite honestly, I’m surprised the car has stayed on the floaters. I keep looking at it and having visions of it sliding off.

There’s speculation on what type of 964 this actually is, but heck, even if it were just a “run of the mill” Porsche 911 Cabriolet, it’s still worth this treatment in my opinion.

Thanks for sending this over Brad!

[Source & Images: Gizmodo.com]


  1. It’s a 964 American Roadster. Very rare. Spoke to the owner today. Nice guy and even better story. Fortunately, the whole family is safe!

  2. That is great. What a smart owner.

  3. Oh!What’s happen here?The car is swim in water.Sound info on this well post.

  4. Whoever it is that set that up is Brilliant! Would be great to get an interview or something with that person to see how it all went down.