Archives for April 7, 2011

Car Comes Off Dyno Video

After watching a video where they were dyno testing the Evolution Motorsports Mayhem Porsche 911, I wondered what happened when a car actually came off the dyno. Course it didn’t take much looking to find a couple of videos. For some reason this one made me laugh. It’s a sad accident, I agree, but I […]

Evolution Motorsports Redefines FAST In It’s Porsche 911 “Mayhem”

“Mayhem” is an appropriate name for this ride. I’m sure in the hands of 99% of the population, it would produce just that. Fortunately you’ll need to be in the top 99% of the population to be able to afford the $220,000 price tag of the EVT1500 Performance System upgrade designed by Evolution Motorsports. Base […]