Win A Pair Of Hurley Haywood Edition Porsches

porsche 911 gt3 hurley haywood design edition

I came across this bit of news several days ago, but hadn’t had a chance to check it out until just this morning. WorldCause Foundation is sponsoring a heck of a Porsche giveaway. For as little as a $3 donation, you can enter to win not one, but TWO Porsches, both with some nice little customizations.

First is a one of a kind 2011 Porsche 911 GT3 Hurley Haywood Edition. It’s got a few design elements with Hurley Haywood’s signature in a several spots. I love the red accents set against the black base. Being a Porsche 911 GT3, it’s dialed in for some serious performance. The Hurley touches just add a little personality to the car.

Second is a 2011 Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid. It’s also black and carries some of the external color accents to match the Porsche 911 GT3.

This is a great giveaway for a good cause. Check out this video for a little personal tour of the cars by Hurley himself:

The drawing takes place on October 15, 2011, so you have a little time. I’m sure it goes without saying that this would be a heck of a duo to own. I’d keep em both and drive them.

To read more about the giveaway or enter, hit this link:


  1. Whoa thats pretty sweet, I like that he mentioned about taxes, no taxes sounds great to me! I hope I win!!!


  2. Wow, I would definitely love to have that. I was always a huge fan of Hurley. He was so exciting to watch behind the wheel of the Porsche 917s that ran in Can-Am in the early 70s.

  3. James O. says

    I’m not a big fan of the red inserts, but I would take one in a heart beat.

  4. Gonna have to buy some tix. Two porsches. Wow.