Check Out The Porsche in the Premiere Episode of South Beach Classics

I recently caught wind of a new show premiering tomorrow night (Wed, March 30th) on the Discovery Channel. It’s Called South Beach Classics and looks like it could be an interesting one. It’s set in Miami and follows a husband and wife team who own a classic automobile business called Ted Vernon Specialty Automobiles.

Here’s some info from the press release on the show:

In a place where it’s all about seeing and being seen, Miami attracts big personalities and big stars – many who will pay top dollar to stand out in the crowd. Discovery Channel’s new series SOUTH BEACH CLASSICS, premiering Wednesday, March 30 from 10-11PM ET/PT, is set amidst the flash and glamor of Miami, where the people who wheel and deal automobiles at Florida’s largest classic car dealership are just as colorful and vibrant as the people who buy them.

Husband and wife business partners Ted and Robin Vernon — along with the eclectic crew they’ve affectionately dubbed “the gargoyles” — buy, sell, trade and exchange some of the most unique classic automobiles on the market. SOUTH BEACH CLASSICS is set amidst the crazy action at Ted Vernon Specialty Automobiles, where Ted and Robin deal in cars that range in price from a few thousand to well over 1 million dollars.

What’s interesting is the first show features a Porsche 356 in it. Here’s a taste:

I don’t know about you, but that made me sick. Intrigued by the show though. Check it out on the Discovery Channel.

[Source: Discovery Channel]


  1. I could fix that.

  2. This guy is looking at profit if he can get it for a grand he’ll be happy. I think that even at three grand you can make money on the parts. The restoration would be very extensive. all of the seams are rotted, this would be on par with the 57 we’ve been doing. Its not a bent wind sheild car so unless it has some thing special that I cant see or don’t know about it would cost more to rebuild than it is worth.

  3. Lance Corporal says

    That is a crying shame, I love cars of ALL types and can’t stand to see even a lowly Ford Fiesta being treated like that let alone a Porsche!

    Heck, I drove a 1990 Ford Tempo I bought new and washed and waxed that little pup monthly until I sold it to a friend who really needed car.