1957 356 Cabriolet Restoration – Part 15

It’s been a few months since we’ve gotten an update from James on the 1957 Porsche 356 Cabriolet his shop has been working on. He just sent in a short one and it sounds like this may be it for a while.

Thanks again James for letting us follow along on this project!

From James…

I’m sorry for the delay in getting out a report on the car. The project is actually on hold for now but I can fill you guys in with one last update till it comes out of hibernation. When we left off the sheet metal work was finished.

porsche 356 1957 cabriolet restoration 89

Next we did some filler work under the hood to fill some welds and small dents.

porsche 356 1957 cabriolet restoration

The same goes for the engine bay. notice we leave the factory stamping ripples.

porsche 356 1957 cabriolet restoration

Now we lead the weld seams on the rockers and door jambs like the factory.

porsche 356 1957 cabriolet restoration

After body work the panels are primed inside and out

porsche 356 1957 cabriolet restoration

The body is also primed. this is the first round next we will block it out and reprime before paint.

porsche 356 1957 cabriolet restoration

We also fill the engine tins to make the engine bay as nice as the rest of the car.

If you missed any of the previous installments, you can view them here: Porsche Restoration.


  1. It’s looking good. Keep up the good work James.

  2. Andrew Trow says

    Hi James

    I own an Auto Body Repair shop in South Africa. We have just completed a 356 B T5 Roadster, that looks like it needed the same amount of work as this Cab you are doing.

    Just for interest sake how many hours has it taken you thus far ?

    Kind Regards

  3. I’ve never added it up, I’ll look into it. I haven’t forgotten you guys the project got put on hold while the missing parts are found. I’ll send an update as soon as we are back on the project.

  4. Thys Venter says

    I am in the final stages of restoring a 356 T6 Cabriolet (RHD). Do you have installation instructions for the roof linings?