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A couple of weeks ago, Giancarlo sent me a quick email saying he’d stumbled across the blog and enjoyed what he saw. After a few email exchanges, I found out he is a fella Porsche blogger. While there is no shortage of blogs covering Porsche cars, I particularly enjoy ones that are dedicated to the marque and are run by enthusiasts who seem to have a true passion for Porsche. was started by Giancarlo and his brothers. They’ve got an interesting take on a range of Porsche related topics and bill the blog as “The Ultimate Porsche Lifestyle Blog”. They cover everything from Porsche news to Porsche tuners to Porsche politics.

Here are a few posts I read recently and found interesting:

1973 Porsche 911 RSR – The Greatest Car Ever Built

Will Obama Take Away Your Porsche?

The RUF CTR – Crossing the 200mph Barrier…Again and Again

If you haven’t been to in the past, definitely check them out. Here’s a link to the site:


  1. Thanks for the mention!!!
    The Porsche vein runs deep in my family and 911nation is great way to channel that passion, since like yourself, one of my brothers and myself are working hard towards ownership! Let’s all meet at the track when we make it! 😉