9ff 1200 hp Porsche 911 Video

Lyndon sent me this video he came across of the 9ff Porsche 911 that produces 1200 hp! The video is not going to wow you, but the sounds the car produces are amazing. It’s also funny to see the driver have to use two hands to shift the car into reverse.

Thanks Lyndon!


  1. Pretty awesome car, and whats even better is that its street legal, pretty bad on the reverse gear that you gotta do it with 2 hands lol. I wish he would of put the power down so we could hear this beauty roar and its fullest!


  2. You should post part 4 of this video. That will wow you for sure 😉

    grts Arjandeiro

  3. I wish the video was long enough so that the driver could open the throttle and show us the 1200 ponies!