Porsche 918 RSR Video & Microsite

This is a quick follow up to yesterday’s post about the Porsche 918 RSR. The video above was shot during the Detroit Auto Show. A must watch video.

Also, I happened on the Porsche microsite they designed for the car. Pretty cool. Great pics, some sweet footage of the car and a few things to occupy your attention. One of the best videos is the live unveiling of the 918 RSR. You can view the site here: Porsche 918 RSR Microsite.


  1. The 918 RSR is way cool but has anybody read or heard if the car is entered into any races this summer? I have been searching and have not found any scheduled races it has been entered in. Is it going to be in the States or has anyone heard of the RSR on the ‘Ring yet? You would think the RSR would be close to the record. If any one knows if the RSR is in the States, let me know. I would like to see this thing in person.