Porsche Race Crash Video

I’m sure those of you that watch racing on a regular basis will see this as rather mundane. For me, this was a pretty wild crash. The car took at 60 feet of guard rail! A sad ending for the race day.


  1. This was a bad one. It goes to show you how safe modern race cars have become, it wasn’t that long ago a hit like that would have been fatal.

  2. That was definitely a huge hit, I mean he hit the guard rail which is not a great place to hit your car with, hes also very lucky that the guard rail actually contained his car, otherwise he could of flew into the wild so to speak 🙁

    Till then,


  3. That prototype car should have been penalized. Pure impatience on his part to knock Hines out of the way like that. That’s one of the risks of mixed class racing though.

  4. Yah, that was a serious hit man. Only thing worse is more of a head on hit.