1977 Porsche 930 – 1 Owner – Up For Sale

1977 porsche 930 911 turbo

I wasn’t going to post this one up, but it’s just too rare to not call attention to it. I came across an auction for a 1977 Porsche 930 yesterday. This one, though, appears to be a one owner car! Here are some details from the auction description:

HISTORY: I have babied my classic antique sportscar since buying it new in 1977.  The treasured vehicle has been kept garaged and covered.  It has been used for weekend pleasure driving–never for racing, or commuting.

FEATURES:  My car has a 3.4 liter engine, original 5-speed transmission, auxiliary oil cooler, A/C, power moon roof, original Becker sound system, car cover, mirror covers, polished wheels, Pirelli PZ radial tires, and an alarm system.  I’ve kept all maitenence documentation and the manuals.  The car was repainted to factory specifications, using 35 coats of silver laquer in 1987.  The engine was rebuilt to factory specifications in 1999–and it has just 50k miles on it now. All chrome, stainless, glass and leather are in fine condition.

This sounds like a pretty sweet car. Can you imagine being the second owner of a 1977 Porsche like this?!

This is another car on my list to own at some point in my life. Although I’d prefer a 1978 or 1979 Porsche 930. I just think it’d be a heck of an opportunity to own one of the first models of the 911 Turbo series, especially since I’ve had this love affair with the 911 Turbo for so many years.

Here’s a link to the auction if you want to see the rest of his pictures: 1977 Porsche 930.


  1. A 1977 one owner Porsche is incredible. I’ve been car searching lately and was surprised to see how many cars in the 04-06 range have already had two or three owners…

  2. What a beauty! I LOVE THIS CAR!

  3. What a beauty! I LOVE THIS CAR! The 930 is the ultimate.

  4. Wow, I wish I could afford that now. The most lively and beautiful 911 ever, in my opinion. I didn’t really like the look of the 911 from the 80s onwards but the 70s model was pure Porsche perfection. I’ve seen many videos of this car in action and it looks like taming a wild tiger in every corner.

  5. An interesting car, but I hope it goes to a true Porsche fanatic who can’t afford the real thing. It would be a shame for a poser to get it.

  6. Hmmm, 1977 930 turbo had a 3.0 and a 4 speed…At least mine does. Oh well…

    • True a 19777 930 has a 3.0 with a 4 speed.

      • yeah, wasnt it untill like 1986 or something they got the fivespeed,
        fathers 930 1982 got a fourspeed atleast, imported from germany to sweden with 6000km on the clock, he still owns it and it is somewhere around 39000km.

        althou the paper says it has 380hp, and father mentioned something about a limited 200car build with larger IC and higher boost from factory?

        anyone that can confirm?

        • The 930 used the bosch k-jetronic fuel system – no electronics at all for the injection. There were originally planned to build 400 for homologation in group 4 and 5 racing, but ended up making a little over 2,500 3.0 and about ten times that 3.3s. The 5 speed was only in 1989. As of 2014, the 3.0 liter cars are highly collectable, and it is not uncommon for prices in excess of $150K for good original examples.

          The group four and five cars were capable of over 750 hp. It is quite easy to achieve this with modifications to the injection and other tuning. 350hp is quite straight forward…

  7. Very nice , you should see this one on ebay 1976 unmolested orange in color