Porsche Cayman Promo Video

According to one site, this promo video was shot in Vancouver. Looks like it to me, but I can’t be 100% sure. Great footage of Caymans through a variety of city and country settings. Gorgeous views.

As a side note, we visited Vancouver for the first time (for any extended period of time) last summer. One of our favorite places we’ve been to. Can’t wait to go back. My son is looking forward to another Japadog.


  1. best gift ever says

    I can’t wait for this! Hopefully keeping the A/C won’t add too much weight though. Stereo I can do without, but not the A/C, and especially not in a coupe instead of a roadster.

  2. Yes, it’s my city Vancouver, BC, Canada. I was surprised to see it as I watched the video. Very cool.

    • I have a silver Boxster with black lehetar which I drive on a race track regularly (about 18 times a year). Porsche’s well known for high performance engines, outstanding handling characteristics, and classic design. Porsche’s always incorporate the latest in automotive technology and many times Porsche actually invents the technology that everyone else copy’s later. Porsche’s are not trendy or are part of some kind of fad. They stand the test of time. They are the gold standard of the automotive world. I also own two BMW’s and while BMW’s are very nice cars they do not drive as well as my Porsche.

  3. Love this promo video, the Cayman is sure one sexy car! Not sure which is hotter… the black or the white… I just can’t decide!!!!

    Till then,


  4. Awesome song and video…