Sweet Porsche Driving School Options

porsche driving school options

A couple of weeks ago, while surfing around on the Porsche.com site, I ran across some of Porsche’s driving school options I didn’t know they offered. I’m not sure if they’re new for this year or if I just missed them. All of these are track based trainings.

The first is Porsche Sport Driving School held on various circuits around Europe, but primarily in Germany. There are 3 categories available: Onroad Training, Offroad Training, and Ice Training. All three options promise challenging tracks to improve your driving skills as well as give you the opportunity to drive some of the most famous circuits in the world. Here are some of the available circuits:

  • Nürburgring, Nordschleife
  • Nürburgring Grand Prix Circuit
  • Hockenheim Grand Prix Circuit
  • Hockenheimring
  • Salzburgring
  • Baden-Baden

The amazing thing about attending a Porsche Driving School at one of these tracks would definitely be the locale. This is akin to playing a world famous golf course and walking the same paths the best golfers in the world have walked. Something you just have to do. By far my top choice would be the tracks at Nürburgring.

The second option I came across for the first time was the Porsche Driving School option held at Porsche’s test track facility in Leipzig. This one would simply be AMAZING! I found a couple of options, one called One Lap in Leipzig and another more focused on off-road training in a Cayenne with portions on some of the on-road track.

Check out Porsche’s description:

The Porsche test track in Leipzig features 10 spectacular sequences inspired by some of the world’s most challenging corners. Discover the thrill of driving through sections reminiscent of legendary circuits where racing history has been written. The first bend, based on the S Curve at Suzuka, requires the highest levels of concentration, while the next right-hand corner generates the same lateral acceleration you’d experience in the Sunset Bend at Sebring. The following section is modelled on the difficult Loews curve at Monaco. Then it’s time to master another hairpin bend similar to the Victoria Turn, before taking the racing line through the Mobil 1 S chicane as if you were at the Nürburgring. After the corner reminiscent of the Curve di Lesmo, you’ll accelerate out of the tough left/right sequence as if you were at the Bus Stop at Spa-Francorchamps. After a curve based on the Suntory Corner, you’ll find yourself on the finishing straight ready to start the next lap with a 10 metre-high serpentine followed by a steep chicane similar to the Corkscrew at Laguna Seca. Alternatively, you can take the 180-degree bend modelled on the Parabolica at Monza.

There are some amazing driving skill improvement options at some of the most amazing places a driving enthusiast could ever hope to have the pleasure of experiencing. Although I didn’t look up the cost, I’m guessing these driving school options carry a decent sized price tag. For the average joe, this would be one of those once in a lifetime experiences.

Check out all of the Porsche Sport Driving School here: Porsche Sport Driving School Overview.

[Source & Image: Porsche.com]


  1. Sounds like a cracking good time, and I envy you. I almost went to a BMW Driving School, and then an emergency at work put paid to that. Still regret that.