Porsche Weekly Wrap

N. Technology Porsche Panamera scores a debut win in the series round – I’ll admit, when I first mentioned this car a couple of weeks ago, I was a naysayer (Three…ummm…interesting Porsches). It seems the people over at N. Technology knew what they were doing turning their Porsche Panamera S into a race ready machine. They hooked themselves up with first place. That’s pretty dang impressive. [Via CarAdvice.com]

Great Pictures at The New York Times ‘Origins of Porsche’ – Paul, the mostly silent half of PorschePerfect.com, sent me this yesterday. The New York Times did a little feature called Origins of Porsche in their collectible cars section. 12 great pictures of Porsche 356’s. My favorites are #1 and #6. Definitely worth checking out here: Origins of Porsche.

China eyeing the #1 market for Porsche – Right now they’re #3, and moving up the ranks quickly. What’s very interesting to me is that China is the world’s largest market for the Porsche Cayenne. Evidently the well-heeled and high-ranking military figures love the Cayenne. Get this, when they go on sale there, the Cayenne S will fetch $217,000 and the Turbo a cool $300,000. A deposit of $30k is required just to get on the waiting list! [Via TheTruthAboutCars.com]

Porsche working on electric sports car – We’ve known for a while that Porsche has been dabbling in EV cars. The push, in my opinion, really started to fire up when RUF released their electric 911. Though a bit short on range, it showed some true promise in the EV sports car sector. When Porsche released the 918 Spyder, they definitely tipped their hand and made all of us used Porsche mortals salivate at the technology we’d see trickling down to our hand-me-down Porsche ranks in the not so distant future. So it comes as no real surprise to hear Porsche officially say it’s electrified three Porsche Boxsters as research cars. Will be interesting to see what comes in the next year or two and which model, aside from the 918 Spyder, is first in line for an electric version. [Via The Independent]

Porsche Cayman Clubsport could hit the streets in 2012 – Planet-9.com is pushing the rumor that we’ll be seeing a Porsche Cayman Clubsport edition in 2012. Details are speculative at this point, but here are the specs that the rumor mill seems to be most confident in so far:

333hp 3.4L engine
Sport PASM suspension – 20mm lower than stock ride height
A/C, stereo are optional
162-184lbs lighter than stock Cayman S
Aluminum doors, fabric door pulls
19″ unique lightweight wheels
Restylized front fascia
Rear diffuser
Ducktail-style larger rear spoiler (fixed)
Optional “Track Pack”, includes partial roll cage, harness and fittings plus fire extinguisher (europe only)
Cited performance numbers – 0-62 in 4.6s
Base Price: $66,330
[Via Planet-9.com]

Porsche Cayenne Turbo will kick butt in 2011 form – The more I see the Cayenne Turbo, the more I want one. These are one heck of a performance SUV. When I read the short review on Motor Trend’s Truck Trend, I wanted one more than ever. 0 to 60 in 4.4 seconds, yet fuel economy that rivals the 2010 V6 model?! Unbelievable! How long before some brave soul enters one of these bad boys in a track series? [Via Blogs.TruckTrend.com]


  1. I got chance of seeing it up close and in person, and boy let me tell you what a work of art. From the stance to the overall balance of the car is amazing.