Teen Trades Up To Porsche Boxster

This is just too good not to post. I’m sure most of you have already seen this, but in case you haven’t, you gotta check this out. This kid, Steven Oritz, started out with an old cell phone and, through a series of trades over the last two years, ended up with a 2000 Porsche Boxster S.

If you’re thinking about the guy in Canada who started with a paperclip and ended up with a house, this is the same kind of deal. Steven has done his bartering primarily through Craigslist’s barter section. It took him 14 trades to end up with the Boxster. Through the process he had stuff like a better cell phone than he started with, an i-Pod Touch, MacBook Pro, 1987 Toyota 4Runner, dirt bikes and an older Bronco valued at $15,000. Someone even offered him a locksmith business for the Bronco.

I love stories like this. I find them inspiring and love to hear how people think outside the box. Of course, being the dreamer I am, guess what the first thing I did was? Yep, went to the Portland Craigslist Barter section. After about an hour of searching, I started looking around the house for things to start with. Replicating Steven’s success would be a heck of a challenge and I don’t know that I’d have the patience to do it. It’s still fun to dream though.

Thanks to everyone who send in this story. Funny how quickly things like this spread.

[Source & Image: SGVTribune.com]


  1. Does he stop now or will he keep going and end up with a CGT.

  2. I actually saw this article originally on a few other sites, first saw it on Yahoo front page! Then went off on more tangents to read more about it! Speaking of the challenge to replicate this deal, I heard he spends many hours a day searching for the deals, and it’s a major hobby of his.

    Till then,


  3. Trying to trade up from a boxster to a 911. This kid will serve as my inspiration.

  4. Great job for this kid. He should keep going and go for the 911 like Joe said.

  5. I bought a 2000 Porsche back in 1999, when it first came out. The car sucked, I dumped it 2 years later & have been a Jaguar XK man ever since. Porsche is just a lot of hype. Not worth the money in my estimates.

  6. Wow that’s impressive that he was able to trade up until he got the Porsche, I wonder how that works out. These stories are amazing.

  7. Steven ortiz says

    I love my porsche boxster I could only imagin a 911