Calling All Porsche Enthusiasts

This is a bit of a unique request, but I figure there are lots here who wouldn’t mind helping a fellow Porsche enthusiast. Especially one looking to add a little something to a 2008 Porsche 911 Turbo!

Ken, a fellow reader, emailed me a couple of days ago asking about a spoiler pictured on a car he ran across. The shop doesn’t know who the spoiler is made by and can’t get ahold of the customer. He’s looked at wings made by Wicked Porsche, Techart, Speedart, Gemballa and Ruf, but hasn’t found THE ONE yet.

I told him I’d post up the picture here. If anyone has any idea who the wing is made by, add it in the comments section of this post. Ken would greatly appreciate it!

The picture is from Shoreline Motoring. Check out some of the great pics they have on their site here:


  1. chris vergara says

    Could the tail be from

  2. Like you, my wife said she hates the guards red because of its flashiness. Personally, I don’t mind flashy, but what I do love is that it goes so well with black/gunmetal wheels and tinted windows (not a good reason to pick the color but for me it just turned out that way).

  3. Ryan, are you looking for the rear wing or the front chin spoiler?

    • He’s looking for the rear wing. The linked site has several more pictures of the car including one from the rear.

  4. Ryan, I sent a link via email that looks close. it looks like a Porsche factory wing.

  5. NICE..!