Porsche Drag Racing Video

I don’t usually post the car racing videos. For some reason I’ve never been all that into who’s car is faster. This one caught my attention though because of the Switzer tuned Porsche racing a BMW, Lamborghini and a 9ff tuner Porsche. It’s pretty entertaining.


  1. Interesting that they do a rolling start.

  2. Fun video. Porsche wins again! Yeah

  3. Man… I would love to be the one driving the car 😀 Burnouts are cool, saw the Lambo do an awesome Burnout, but I just have never done it in real life since I don’t wanna ruin my engine hehehe.

    Till then,


  4. while the peak power to weight ratio favors the Porsche, the fact that the Pontiac has almost twice the displacement of the Porsche means that it will be producing more power early on!!