Weekly Porsche Wrap

Porsche will build the 918 Spyder – Several blogs are reporting Porsche is moving ahead with the 918 Spyder. I haven’t seen or heard anything official from Porsche, and I’m guessing that would be a pretty big press release for them, so you may want to take that into consideration. Reports are saying customers will be able to place orders at Pebble Beach this year. That seems like an odd place and time for pre-orders. Here’s for hoping someone has it right though! [Via Speedlux.com]

Clash of the titans: Porsche vs. Volkswagen vs. Audi – I found this short post to be an interesting perspective on what may be happening behind the scenes at all 3 car manufacturers. Especially as it relates to the smaller sports cars in each family’s lineup. Here’s a little clip: “At Porsche, Not Invented Here syndrome is also a major issue. Porsche will almost certainly lose the development of the next Cayenne to Audi. The Cayenne’s still-nameless, Q5-based little brother will also be conceived by the friendly enemy from Ingolstadt. If it were to base the 356 off VW’s BlueSport, Porsche would lose its third project in a row.” Read the rest at AutomobileMag.com. [Via AutomobileMag.com]

Latest use for a Porsche Panamera: Taxi – This would be one heck of a taxi ride. Much more pleasant than the usual beat up, grungy back seats you have to endure when visiting another city. Seems someone created a taxi out of a Porsche Panamera Turbo as a little experiment. Everything is there from the signage to the beaded seat cover on the driver’s seat. The article detailing the fares and people’s reactions (including an encounter with another Porsche Panamera owner) is worth a read: Driving the Porsche Panamera Taxi. [Via InsideLine.com]

Hope everyone has a great, safe 4th of July!


  1. The only way to improve the Panamera’s styling is to simply send it to the crusher. It’s a fugly piece of Frau Helga “style” and I’m damn sure that, were it not for the Pork badge, people would barf their guts out upon seeing it.

  2. The front end on that 918 Spyder looks like a Ferrari — I love it.
    Not sure about the functionality of those side view mirrors though. Unless they house small cameras that display a digital video in-cab. That would take a while getting used to, but could be cool.