2010 Porsche 911 Turbo Track Testing Video

This video is worth watching just to hear this thing take off. They show stats on the video clips as they finish different tests. I love that root beer color too.


  1. The 0-60 is simply amazing…no doubt having the engine weighing on the drive wheels helps that when you add in all that power!…..But it looks like the stretched the cones out on the slalom . nonetheless ..amazing!

  2. Amazing video of an amazing piece of machinery. Porsche simply MUST accept the race challenge from Mini. I’ve commented on their Facebook page and encourage fellow Porsche enthusiasts to do the same. Do the race and let a wide audience see this kind of performance for themselves. Can only help the brand. Plus, big, big fun. Thanks again for posting this video. Totally sweet.

  3. I Love Porshe!

  4. +1