Weekly Porsche Wrap

I didn’t come across too much this last week to put in this week’s Weekly Porsche Wrap. Here are a few pictures and some general goodies I enjoyed from the past week though.

Porsche GT2 Alcantara touches on the interior look amazing – I love the red Alcantara used in this initial interior shot of the new Porsche 911 GT2. I’m sure we’ll look back on this interior in 20 years and wonder what we loved about it, but for now, it’s amazing looking in my book.

Porsche Tuner Merdad picking up the Project Roxster? – Porsche Tuner Merdad, based in the UK, got his start working for Gemballa. Seems he put in 5 years and judging by the VERY sparse web site, I’d say he’s working to capitalize on the recent Gemballa closing. Other than his time at Gemballa, no other timelines are listed on the site indicating how long he’s been in business or what other projects bear the Merdad name. If this is indeed his first solo project, this is a heck of a way to get started.

There aren’t a lot of details on the Porsche Cayenne Turbo Coupe, but here’s what we do know. Aside from shortening things down by a couple of doors, the engine has gotten a pretty significant boost up to 750 hp. Larger wheels have been fitted to the car and the interior has been pimped out. I love the 2 door look, but I’m undecided on the interior. Be interesting to see if this actually sees the light of day.

[Via Merdad.co.uk]

Kristen Stewart from Twilight throwback Porsche commercial – If you’re a Twilight fan (I’m not, but the Porsche commercial is great), you’ll appreciate this little gem some fan blog dug up. It’s Kristen Stewart in a Porsche commercial. Love or hate Twilight, you’ll like the commercial.


  1. I remember that commercial, I wonder if she has one now?