Weekly Porsche Wrap

Here are a few Porsche posts I came across this week that are worth checking out:

The Simple But Essential Guide to Living the Ultimate Porsche Lifestyle – This one is on 911Nation.com. A great article that applies to die hard Porsche collectors and casual enthusiasts alike.

Porsche Motorsport Newsletter: 2010 Volume 5 – Our friends over at PorschePurist.com (if you aren’t subscribed to their blog, stop what you’re doing and subscribe, it’s worth reading on a regular basis) put together an update on Porsche motorsports in a single post. A great summary and cool pictures.

What’s the Last Accessory a Car Gets Before Getting Junked? – The title piqued my curiosity. The post and video made me chuckle and is good for 60 seconds of pondering and a smile.

Virginia man surprised to win a Porsche 911 Targa in a raffle he never entered – This is pretty cool. A guy named Timothy Daniels got what he thought was a prank call saying he’d won a Porsche in a raffle. “I hung up on the guy at first,” Daniels said about the call he got Saturday telling him he’d won the car. “I said how can I win when I didn’t play.” It turns out his son and his secretary each bought tickets and entered his name in the raffle. He won the 1984 Porsche Carrera Targa pictured to the right. A great raffle that helped raise money for Youth Challenge, a substance abuse rehabilitation program. That’s one heck of a gorgeous car. [Via DailyPress.com]

Porsche 918 RSR renderings – I ran across these renderings this weekend and was VERY surprised to see they’re being claimed by a 13-year old graphics design whiz kid. Here’s how he started the message board post with the renderings: “Hi I’m 13, and I was thinking, if the ‘Porsche 918 Spyder’ makes it into production, it’ll probably reach dealers in 2012. If it does make it into production, Porsche may consider basing a GT1 car off of it.” I put one of the renderings to the right, but you really need to go check out all of them on the TeamSpeed.com board. The link will take you straight to the thread. [Via TeamSpeed.com]


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